Kate Middleton has made it successfully through the birth of her first child!

Kate and Prince William, 31, have announced the baby is a boy! It is being reported that The Duchess of Cambridge delivered the Prince at 8lbs, 6oz.!

This baby is the third in line for the British throne. Prince Harry is now 4th! 

Prince William and NEW MOM Kate left St. Mary's Hospital yesterday, a mere 24 hours after the birth of their son. Paparazzi and on-lookers waitied outside the hospital for photo-ops where the young family made their post-birth debut, a tradition that marks the baby’s official status as English royalty.
Kate looked FREAKING FABULOUS (seriously? she just gave birth!) in a cornflower blue polka dot dress which some are saying is a tribute to the polka dot dress Princess Diana was wearing when she left the same hospital after William was born.
It is being reported that Queen visited the baby at Kensington Palace today for a mere 30 mins before leaving England to go on holiday in Scotland. 

It is being reported that the Duke and Duchess left the palace today for the cooler, secluded Middleton family Bucklebury home where they will have more privacy during these first days as a family of three!


Then have announced that the baby's name is.....

George Alexander Louis. 


The baby's official royal name will be "His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge". George is a name that carries historical importants for William who’s Great-Grandfather was named George, of which the Oscar-winning film “The King’s Speech” is based off of.

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