Katy Perry has been out of the spotlight for a while, but don’t worry because your girl is BACK!  She announced that her next album is called “Prism” and will be released on October 22nd!  No wonder she has been incognito... she's been working hard on her album!

Of course Miss Kitty Purry isn't one to shy away from drama and glitz. She made the big announcement by putting the title and date on a GOLD SEMI TRUCK!

This is genius!  The truck drove all over LA, creating a lot of attention and talk within social media about her huge announcement.  She had tweeted a picture of the Gold Semi Truck, but took it down because she wants her fans to upload pictures for a competition.  The competition is to have fans find the truck, take a picture and she will retweet it. 



Souce: Twitter.com

This is definitely one of the coolest trucks we've ever seen!   #PRISM has been trending all over twitter, and other artists like Adam Lambert have been tweeting this picture of the gold semi truck.