This is breaking news, probably one of the most rare things to ever happen in Hollywood.  Yes, and it was even caught on camera to prove how unlikely this situation is.  You’re probably wondering what in the world are we talking about…WELL, it’s that Victoria Beckham SMILED!

INSANE, RIGHT?!  Girlfriend rarely smiles and when she does YOU know it’s a good day.  You would think that being married to hottie soccer player David Beckham would leave a permanent smile on her face, but that never happens.  Victoria tweeted a picture of her smiling, (showing her teeth too by the way) in front of the Hollywood sign.  She tweeted “So good to be back in LA, and hiking, who knew?”

Its great seeing Victoria happy and we can’t help but get excited to know that she has emotions and can smile.  This is big news people and we need to appreciate any chance we get a glimpse of Victoria’s smile.