(Hollywood Life) - Shirley Temple Black, one of the most famous child actresses, died on Feb. 10, surrounded by her family and friends. The actress, famous for her adorable smile and strawberry curls, began acting at the age of three. She starred in films during the Great Depression and made almost 30 between 1932 and 1939.

The actress carried a nation during a time when they needed laughter the most. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once famously said: “As long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right.”

Shirley, who starred in films like Heidi, The Little Princess, and Curly Top, didn’t just stick to acting. Although she was even awarded her own mini-Oscar when she was just seven, she stopped acting at the age of 22.

Shirley Temple accepting the SAG Life Achievement Award in 2006

Shirley went on to devote her life to helping others. She served as a U.S. ambassador to Ghana from 1974 to 1976 and to Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992.

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