(TIME) - Feeling under pressure to find the perfect restaurant on Valentine's Day? Maybe McDonald's is the solution! Now... wait, it's not as bad as it sounds. Two McDonald’s restaurants in Tampa are offering locals an surprisingly easy out. They’re accepting reservations for sit-down dinners on the big night with your sweetie.

To set the mood, tables will be decorated with red tablecloths, plus a centerpiece of fake roses and drinking glasses imprinted with heart-shaped motifs. The manager of one of the burger joints, Ernest Izquierdo, added “Once you order steak, we will bring it to you,” according to local news station WTSP.

What else is on the menu for the big night? Anything on the regular menu, from Big Macs to Mighty Wings, all for an extra 20% to cover the table service. You'll also get a dessert buffet featuring apple pie, strawberry & creme pies and other sweet treats.

A note to the guys: If you thought this was a good idea, your relationship may be doomed.