SHAMELESS: The son breaks his dad’s leg on purpose to try and sue and make money. What crazy thing have you done to your body or with your body just to try and make a few extra bucks?

DR.OZ: What have you learned on the Dr. Oz show that you have now incorporated into your daily life?

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Are you sleeping with the enemy? Have your parents or friends forbid you to see ur gf/bf? Are you still sneaking around without anyone knowing?

JAY LENO: We said goodbye to Jay Leno last week. It was sad, but so many shows have gone and we’ve moved on. So thinking back…what was your favorite TV Show that ended?

BROOKLYN 99: The entire unit is invited to the boss’ house and told not to touch anything or talk to any of the other guests. We were once invited to Elvis’ house and it went over pretty well for the most part. I’m not sure we’ll be invited back, so I have to ask…. have you been invited to your boss’ house? What did you steal or break?

DOG WITH A BLOG: There was supposed to be a wedding, but it stopped at the alter. The bride’s ex stepped up and yelled, “I love you!” The wedding stopped and the groomed backed out. Have you ever been to a wedding where someone tried to stop it?



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