HE REALLY LOVES ME: Carla Marie’s boyfriend had to help her to the bathroom because she just got her nails done and they were still wet. After this Carla Marie says she knew he really loved her. What strange thing did your boyfriend do that convinced you he loved you?

HOW YOU MET YOUR MOTHER: Last night was the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”- So Greg T wants to know “How’d You Meet Your Mother?”

ANIMAL NUISANCE: At least 10 deer have walked through Greg T’s backyard to eat his bushes and trees. Someone else he knows has birds that make nests in the attic. Are wild animals terrorizing you in your backyard? What about those crazy annoying Canadian Geese? What animal is bothering you? 

Web Girl Kathleen called out of work yesterday because she said she had a flat tire (likely story!) Either way she got the day off. What is your go to excuse when calling out of work?

TATTOOED FACE: Greg T saw this girl on the subway that had a tattoo on her face, right by her eye! Do you have a tattoo on your face? Do people tell you face tattoos are weird?

APRIL FOOLS: What is your April Fool’s joke today? Are you tricking someone? Have you tricked someone? How did you get tricked?





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