August 18th



I finally got to visit the RayGun tshirt store in Iowa (you can find their amazing hilarious shirts online)! RayGun was selling these super cute necklaces with the shape of the state of Iowa and it said "Iowa" in the middle - they were made by Kris Nations and I wanted a New Jersey one so I headed to their website. Kris Nations is loaded with AMAZING pieces of jewelry. They have every state in the form of a necklace in their State Pride collection all of which are sterling silver overlay or 14K gold. Kris Nations has items you can personalize, and earrings you can mix and match. Order one star and one heart, who said they ever had to match?! What's super cute is that every item comes in a mini message in a bottle.

We met some of the best listeners in Iowa this weekend! Charlene was great she showed me her JEEP belt! It was a JEEP seat belt made into a belt! I want one! I had her email me where to find them - obviously on Amazon you can find Jeep belts as well as many other car brands and Spencer's sells them in plenty of different designs!