February 5th

Now that I am doing hot Yoga I need to make sure I am drinking plenty of water. Bubi Bottle is perfect for me since I am always on the go, I can roll it up and throw it in my purse when I'm not using it! Bubi is the world's first scrunchable multi-use bottle! I've ruined so many water bottles by dropping them so this is perfect! It's indestructible. Throw your Bubi Bottle in the freezer and it won't expand and get all weird like a plastic bottle. It's also heat resistant so it won't melt if it's super hot outside. Choose from a variety of colors and whether you want a 22oz or 14oz bottle. They come with a hook so you can latch the bottle onto a bike or a backpack. Bubi Bottle also sells a sports cap with a nipple so you won’t have to worry about spills if you use it while active! You have the ability to personalize by adding a logo, great for teams! It's BPA free too!




Guys, I know it's so hard for you to shop, that's why things like Five Four Clothing are a life savior for you. Take a little quiz about your style preferences as well as your favorite colors to wear. For $60 a month Five Four Clothing will ship you clothes worth $120 or more! Our listener Mike got two great quality long sleeve button downs in his first month and he is excited to get his second package. For those guys who have no sense of style or hate shopping, this is perfect for you! Signing up is super easy!!