Danielle got me a Nail Art book she knew I would love. And she was right, I’m obsessed. It’s Nail Art: Inspiring Designs by the World’s Leading Technicians. It doesn’t just show you nail art designs but how to groom your nails, different shapes to cut your nails, the exact polish to use for each design, and the history of nail art. It’s available for $8.64 at Walmart.com I say it’s WAY worth it! My latest nail design is from this book! This will totally change up your nail game for 2014.


I use Twitter to ask my followers questions like "what's better Uggs or Bearpaws?" "Where's the best place to get a multi-compartment makeup case?" That's why I'm so happy that Jelly has launched. Jelly is a new social network app created by none other than Twitter's co-founder, Biz Stone, and it has your answers to everything. With Jelly you ask your social media network anything. You can reach your friends, your friend's friends, and it continues.  If you see a random insect, snap a pic, post it, and ask people what type of bug it is and they'll answer! Ask people what they thought of a new movie, you'll get a real review from someone connected to you.  If you've created a new product ask people what they think of it! I posted a picture of a brunette to ask if I should go darker with my hair! It's fun going through and seeing what people are asking and if you can help them out it feels pretty cool. Download for iPhone and Android.