June 5th



When you thin about all of the sweats butts that have sat on airplane seats you get grossed out! If you want to be clean and cozy on your next flight you need to a Nice Seat! It's a goes over the entire airplane seat! Nice Seats come in a variety of designs and colors and come in Cotton or Jersey Cotton! This would make flights so much more enjoyable and maybe I won't break out from sleeping on the dirty seat!


Why should humans have all of the fun?!  FunStuffForDogs.com has what they call "the funniest dog stuff ever". One of the items is "Humunga Lips" - durable not toxic rubber lips that have a ball on one end so when your dog bites the ball it looks like they have huge lips! What dog doesn't need a charm for their color that says "bite me"? Don't forget birthday themed toys; Bark Bars (dog cookies wrapped like candy bars), a cake, bone shaped cupcake and cake tin, and more! Pamper your pup with fun stuff!