LOVE this list from about inventions that girls NEED!  I'm certain some of theses things would be awesome for everyone, not just girls!  Check out a few:


1. Safe-for-work tampons that come in packaging that looks like a pen.

2. A smartphone app that tracks your hair’s greasiness.

3. And tells you in advance when you’ll absolutely need to wash it.

4. A tiny vacuum that constantly roams around your apartment picking up hairs.

5. A highly sophisticated robot bra that perfectly conforms to your exact measurements.

6. And converts into any kind of bra you need (sport, strapless, T-shirt, etc.).

7. And has a cloaking mode so its straps are always undetectable.

8. AND it’s self cleaning.

9. A white T-shirt that is pit-stain resistant.

10. And is opaque even when wet.

11. Nail polish that stays on un-chipped for several weeks.

12. But changes colors every week.

13. Pizza that burns calories when you eat it.


For the complete list, CLICK HERE!