The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors in America

posted by The Rahny Taylor Morning Show -

Most people's ice cream preferences are pretty boring . . . but I guess they're not AS boring as they could be.  Because a new survey found the most popular ice cream flavors in the country, and vanilla only finished fourth. 

Here are the nine most popular flavors of ice cream right now . . .

1.  Mint chocolate chip, 16% of people say it's their favorite flavor.

2.  Chocolate, 15%.

3.  Cookies and cream, 15%.

4.  Vanilla, 12%.

5.  Butter pecan, 11%.

6.  Rocky road, 10%.

7.  Strawberry, 10%.

8.  Chocolate chip, 5%.

9.  Neapolitan, 4%. 

(National Today)



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