LANCE BASS Heartbroken Over Brady Bunch House

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LANCE BASS had a very emotional weekend.  He really, really wanted to own the "Brady Bunch" house, which was recently put on the market.  This is the one that was used for the EXTERIOR shots.

The asking price was $1.89 million, and since he was expecting a bidding war, he offered a LOT more than that.  It's unclear how much . . . but TMZ says it was about $3 million.  He was later told that he'd won, and that the house would be his.

But Lance says that AFTER the deadline for offers passed, a "Hollywood studio" came in and outbid him, and took it out from under his nose.

In an Instagram post, he said that he was willing to go even higher, but he was informed that the other buyer would "outperform any bid" and they had "unlimited resources."

He said he was "heartbroken," and he was also upset because he thinks he was merely "used" to set the price . . . and that this "corporation" had always intended on swooping in and buying it after all the bids were in.

Marcia Marcia Marcia! Im feeling heartbroken today. As many of you may have heard, we placed the winning bid on the iconic Brady Bunch house—at least that’s what we were told. The agent representing the estate informed us we made the winning bid (which was WAY over the asking price) after the final deadline for all offers had passed—even writing up the “winning bid” for my team after informing me of the good news. Isn’t a deadline a deadline? This was a dream come true for me and I spent the night celebrating amongst friends, family, and fans alike. The next day, due to “unforeseen circumstances” the same agent informed us that there’s another Corporate Buyer (Hollywood studio) who wants the house at any cost. We were prepared to go even higher but totally discouraged by the sellers agent, they will outperform any bid with unlimited resources. How is this fair or legal?? How can I compete with a billion dollar corporate entity? I truly believe I was used to drive up the price of the home knowing very well that this corporation intended on making their offer and it’s not a good feeling. I feel used but most importantly I’m hurt and saddened by this highly questionable outcome. I just hope it is not demolished. Thanks for all the love and support. #CrushedDream #ShadyAF #DouglasElliman #ShadyBrady To make me happier you can register and vote November 6th!

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