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On Sunday, AARON RODGERS came back after hurting his knee and led our Green Bay Packers to a wild comeback win over the Chicago Bears.  But some people thought he seemed 'off' during a postgame interview.

He had a strange southern accent, and seemed like he was about to burst into laughter at any moment.  Some people figured he might be high on painkillers, but apparently that's not the case.

Yesterday, Aaron said he suffered a "sprained knee" and that he didn't take any painkillers because he doesn't like them.  He said he was just hopped up on "a lot of adrenaline." 

(Here's video of the postgame interview.)

Aaron was asked yesterday if he was on pain meds during his post game interview on Sunday.  He said it wasn't pain meds, "but obviously you wanna be out there." 

(Here's the video)

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