3 food trends we could see this year

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Ok don't get me wrong, I stand by Weight Watchers and love the program. But I like to mix it up and try new healthy food trends that look flawless on IG. 

Here are some trends that could make it in 2018. Will you try one or all?

1. Soup on the go

#JanuaryWhole30 starts now! 🎉 "You are ready. You are worth it. And you can do it." — @melissa_hartwig 😉 P.S. The entire ZÜPA team is joining you for #JanuaryWhole30! Stay tuned throughout the month to see how it goes! 🤞

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from what I've seen the new thing is being able to eat your soup, wherever you go and it being like super healthy. 

2. Milk...that isn't milk

Have you tried Ripple #dairyfree Unsweetened Vanilla milk yet? We love this milk’s subtle vanilla flavor and creamy texture. And with 8g of #plantbased protein from split yellow peas, DHA Omega-3s, and with zero carbs and sugar, it’s a simple choice for a clean, healthy start in the new year. Dairy Free. As It Should Be.

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almond milk, cashew milk...pea milk? Different forms of milk could be covering your feed. It kinda sounds good!

3. Eating at home 

because nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal with your fam



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