Why Choose Milwaukee Eye Care?

Not sure if you've heard my big news, but I've made the decision to finally get Lasik at Milwaukee Eye Care!

Since, I can't believe how many of you have reached out to me and said things like....

Rahny Lasik FB Comments
Rahny Lasik FB Comments

I've also had a lot of you reach out and say you're thinking of getting LASIK soon too, I thought I'd share why I chose Milwaukee Eye Care!

I loved the fact that they're locally owned and have had a great track record!  This was a biggie for me, because for years I've wanted to get LASIK, but got scared off by some of my friends horrific stories.  Milwaukee Eye Care has served the area for 85 years, and has had thousands of great stories just like you see above.  

I also really appreciated the consultations I did!  When you go, you'll quickly understand that they want to make sure you're a "good candidate" and LASIK is right for you!  Dr. Edmonds and the entire Milwaukee Eye Care team was so thorough answering my questions and preparing me for the entire process!  They truly want what's best for you and your quality of life moving forward!

CLICK HERE if you'd like to take advantage of his offer of a FREE consultation and get special pricing!  All you have to do is tell 'em I sent you!

Rahny Taylor with Dr Edmonds at Milwaukee Eye Care


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