My Lasik Surgery at Milwaukee Eye Care

In case you missed the big news, I got LASIK with Dr. Edmonds at Milwaukee Eye Care!

CLICK HERE if you'd like to take advantage of their offer of a FREE consultation and get special pricing, just make sure you tell them Rahny Taylor sent you!

Like many of you, I've worn glasses my whole life, so being lens free since my surgery has been a dream come true!

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Over the past month, I've had so many of YOU reach out and say one of 2 things...

Either, that you've also gotten LASIK...

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Or, that you're thinking about getting LASIK soon, but have questions and want to hear more!

Rahny Taylor Morning Show FB LASIK Comments

I'll do my best to continue to share my experience, so you can be the next to change get LASIK and enjoy life like I am now!

I did a lot of research and one of the things that drew me to Milwaukee Eye Care is that they're not only local, but have been successfully serving the Milwaukee community for for 85 years!

From my first consultation, through my post-op after my LASIK surgery, I loved how thoroughly Dr. Edmonds and all the incredible experts at Milwaukee Eye Care were at answering my questions and communicating with me every step of the way!  You'll really appreciate how they prepare you for each and every step of the LASIK process, and how much they care about you, and your quality of life moving forward!

Dr Edmonds Milwaukee Eye Care Rahny Taylor Post-Op

Now I'm in the group that says, "best decision I ever made, don't wait any longer!" CLICK HERE to see my friends at Milwaukee Eye Care and take advantage of their offer of a FREE consultation and get special pricing, tell them Rahny Taylor sent you! 

Milwaukee Eye Care LASIK


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