What's Most Important For Weight Loss?

posted by The Rahny Taylor Morning Show -

Andy (President of the Princeton Club) joined the show to answer a tough question this morning, which you can listen to below!

Does weight loss start in the gym or kitchen?

Andy's answer  = Weight loss STARTS in the kitchen!

Trainer Amy says... If you want to lose weight, watch what you eat!

Her 3 tips for you are...

  1. Look for how much sodium you’re taking in.  (Read labels for hidden sodium too)
  2. Track your food intake (beverages) and even things like gum!
  3. Figure out your Macros (which you can do at the Princeton Club if you don't know how)

A great way to help you, Fit Fresh Cuisine, which is now being offered to you at the Princeton Club.

Posted by Fit Fresh Cuisine on Sunday, January 7, 2018



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