Eliminate Your Stress and Anxiety

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Do you have stress and anxiety?

Who doesn't right?

Andy from The Princeton Club joined us again this morning for Motivation Monday to talk about how to eliminate your stress and anxiety with exercise.


Here's 3 Ways Exercise Alleviates the Madness!

  1. It pumps up your endorphins!  (Your brains feel-good neurotransmitters)
  2. It’s Meditation on the Move!  You focus on your Run, Sport, or Workout and forget your day’s irritations
  3. It improves your mood!  Exercise increases your self-confidence, relax you and lower depression or anxiety.

All month we're focused on how to eliminate the madness with the help of our spotlighted trainer of the month Jeremy.  

Here's 3 exercises Trainer Jeremy recommends to best relieve your stress & anxiety!

  1. Yoga: great go to to relax, because it focuses on deep breaths
  2. Running: releases endorphins, and can be just as effective as psychotherapy in alleviating symptoms of depression
  3. Strength Training: can reduce symptoms of both anxiety and depression, by improving your mood, self-esteem, and regulate your sleep.

CLICK HERE to train with Jeremy, or learn more about The Princeton Club today!  Plus you can see all the great things they've got going on in March the PDF below!

Princeton Club March 2018



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