Increase Your Joy

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Did you know that you have 70,000 thoughts a day?

That's 70,000 opportunities to build yourself up, or tear yourself down...

Andy from The Princeton Club joined us again this morning for Motivation Monday to share how you can build yourself up and increase your joy!

= Exercise


Here's 3 reasons why according to our Trainer of the Month Jeremy

  1. Exercise make your happy! 
    • It releases dopamine (A chemical necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness) 
  2. Exercise energizes you!
    • What else will make you feel more energized after than before?
  3. Exercise boosts your confidence!
    • When you don’t feel good about your body or appearance it negatively affects your relationships, career, and goals and aspirations.  The beauty of exercise is how quickly all of those things change!  You start to see your body transform, feel more confident, and your happiness increases!

CLICK HERE to increase your joy and train with Jeremy today, or learn more about The Princeton Club!  



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