3 Ways To Get Passed These Things That Got in the Way

posted by The Rahny Taylor Morning Show -

Have you ever tried working out, and quit?  Yeah, I think we all have!  

Andy from The Princeton Club was back with us this morning for Motivation Monday to help YOU get passed the things that might got in the way of your goals in the past.


3 ways to achieve your goal!

1. When: Workout in the morning!

  • You're fresh, plus that way even when the day gets away from you, you'll have that done, and the energy to deal with whatever comes your way!

2. Where: It's Best to go to a GYM!

  • Sure it's convenient to work out in your living room, but there's actually more distractions!  That's why Andy says go to The Princeton Club or another gym!  Check your kids into the day care, and focus on you for that period of time!

3. How: Know Your WHY and have a Goal!

  • Knowing WHY you're doing something helps you fight through the want to quit, and having a Clear Goal, allows you to celebrate more wins, and is shown to be more achievable than an ambiguous one.

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