3 Reason's You're Working Out and Not Losing Weight

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Have you been working out, but not losing weight, and want to?

Andy from The Princeton Club shared 3 reasons you might not be losing the weight you're trying to lose this morning for Motivation Monday!


  1. Calories
    • To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in
    • Sometimes people try to cut too many, and don’t fuel themselves and their workouts enough and end up taking in more later in the day to compensate.
      • This is why it really helps to work with a professional
  2. Tracking
    • Are you tracking?  (What you’re taking in, and burning)
    • Don’t just go off the calorie-counter on the machines!  They’re not perfect, your best bet is an actual fitness tracker!
    • Plus, you’ll be amazed how much it’ll inspire you to do (walk more, get up and move around etc)
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  3. Diet
    • Beverages 
      • Things like Smoothie’s seem healthy, but have crazy calorie counts!
    • Snacks
      • We want out bodies to regenerate, not constantly have to digest!
      • Usually they’re not on a plate, so you don’t know the amount.
      • Most of the time, they’re not healthy!
    • Eat with purpose!
      • Know what you’re eating, and Why!  
        • There’s so many benefits to eating at home (ingredients, price)
      • Be prepared!
        • Food Prepping helps you from making bad decisions!  Otherwise you’ll eat last minute, based on cravings, or boredom or stress.
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