5 Reason's You Should Consider Tennis

posted by The Rahny Taylor Morning Show - 

Andy from The Princeton Club joined us again this morning with something interesting... 5 reasons you should consider Tennis.


Youth and Adult Tennis Lesson's at the Princeton Club start September 6th - Registration Deadline September 4th.

5. It's Social!  On and off the court it's easy to make friends playing tennis.

4. It teaches life lessons!  Develop work ethic, sportsmanship, responsibility, manage mistakes, learn to compete, cope with pressure, and learn teamwork.  

3. It develops your mind!  It requires you to be alert, tactical thinking, and problem solving.

2. Fitness!  Constant movement burns calories, builds muscle, increases bone strength and fine tune coordination.  

1. It's a Life long sport!  You can play tennis with anyone, and for the rest of your life.  

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tennis at the Princeton Club!


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