More Than 120 Million Of Us Are Missing This!

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More than 120 million of us are missing one of these...

= At least one tooth

I am, are you?  What do you do when your kids have tooth mishap?

Erin from Grand Avenue Dental Care in Hartford joined us this morning to answer big questions about what happens if your children have a tooth accident!


The first thing to do, if your child experiences this, is to go to see your dentist. Whether there is a chip or a crack in the tooth, or if the tooth is loose or missing, it’s the best idea to get in to see a dentist right away. If there is something that can be done, doing it sooner than later, is always in your child’s best interest. 

There are a few treatments that can be done, depending on the injury sustained. CLICK HERE to see the breakdown of what Erin suggests to you!



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